Workshops 2020

Starting in Acrylics

Tutor: Robert Nelmes

This workshop is an introduction to the flexibility and adaptability of acrylics. We’ll explore how this medium offers the appeal of translucent washes of watercolour to the impasto of oil paint. Often seen as oils less fashionable cousin, acrylic has many unique advantages over oil. Along with the basics you’ll discover how to harness these advantages and bring out the best of this often overlooked medium.

This workshop will give you the confidence to explore further the extensive range of mediums and additives available to enhance and develop your own personal style.

Topics covered:
• Basic palette craft
• Controlling drying time
• Thin to thick
• Glazing
• Impasto
• Details

In just a few hours you will create a finished painting with depth and texture that is only possible with acrylic paint.

Date: Saturday 9th May – 10.30 to 4pm

Cost: £65 (includes all materials & equipment)