Workshops & Courses 2019

Sketch to Painting - Plein Air

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Tutor: Colin Ayers

This workshop introduces you to sketching plain air and then creating a painting from your sketch. It is intended, weather permitting, to work outside. If the weather is poor then you will use projected images and photography of the area to simulate the outdoor experience.

The workshop will cover:
• Choosing equipment suitable for plain air painting
• Selecting subjects and refining composition to sketch
• Select a pallet of colours for changing environments and seasons

Students will need a lightweight A4 drawing board, sketchpad, waterproof Indian ink or similar, watercolour paints/pencils & brushes for painting after. Please bring suitable clothing and an umbrella (not just for the rain!).

Date: Saturday 24th August – 10.30 to 4pm

Cost: £55