Workshops & Courses 2019

Sumptuous Surfaces

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Tutor: Sally Hirst B.A (Hons) PGCE GAEP

Create beautiful patinas and wax like textures on a variety of raised surfaces using acrylic paints, gels and pastes. Learn to create crackle, rust, copper, bronze, and create a weathered look in your acrylic paintings as well as use raised surfaces to create texture and depth. The unique quality and depth of traditional encaustic wax painting can be replicated with acrylic gels. Learn how to mix a faux wax medium and use acrylic skins to create etched or embossed textures in combination with luminous colour layers. Each participant will produce will create art pieces and go away with and leave with recipes and techniques for future use. All materials and supports are provided.

All materials and equipment provided

Dates: Wednesday 22nd May - 10.30am to 4pm

Cost: £70

Max 5 per class